(UN)RECOGNISED DIVERSITY: MINORITIES IN EUROPE: An Erasmus+ Project of the Wittelsbacher-Gymnasium Munich 2020-2023


At the end of November / beginning of December, Wittelsbacher-Gymnasium Munich hosted the 4th project meeting on „Minorities and fringe groups in the ancient world. And today?“. Presentations by multi-national teams of students and a lecture and a guided tour by Prof Freyberger on this topic were taken as a basis for short essays from the students from Munich. Together with an essay by Dr Adami and by the project lead, they form the first part of our catalogue booklet.  In the second and more comprehensive part there are pictures by the participants from Munich of symbolic or direct representations of minorities; also pictures by the Bolzano students (mostly on subject matter from Thessaloniki) are among them. In poster format these pictures form an exhibition which was shown in Munich and Bolzano and which is still available on loan.