Erasmus+ meeting in Amsterdam


Seven students from the “Klassische Gymnasium Bozen” took part in the third Erasmus+ meeting “Omnes cives mundi sumus” in Amsterdam.

Over five days, students had the opportunity to visit the city, socialize with other participants and take part in drama rehearsals. The production had already been prepared at a meeting in Bozen in spring, 2017. Aeschylus’ tragedy The Suppliants was the centre piece of a writing workshop, during which  students created their own texts based on various themes while acting out the roles of the different characters and undertaking interviews.

These texts were then used alongside Aeschylus’ original at the meeting in Amsterdam. The performance, with all of the other five partners in Amsterdam, was a big success. Alongside dance and music, the performing students and a small falcon performed magic on the stage and the audience was thrilled by the display.

Parents, friends and teaching staff from the Dutch “Barlaeus Gymnasium” got together to watch the show. However, the overall message would have merited a much larger audience.

All the participants will now be preparing exhibitions and performances which will then be put together for the last part of the project when students will work together with refugees. The students and refugees will choose a project, which eventually should help the refugees in their day to day lives.